Friday, April 20, 2012

Guide to dates of vintage Coach bags

There is a lot of misinformation out there, so I am going to work on a guide to help answer some questions about vintage Coach products. A lot of information gets lost with time, and even Coach couldn't answer some of the questions I had when I began my collection.

At the bottom of the page is a list of style numbers and names of most of the bags that have such a thing, of course style numbers were not assigned until 1994. The style number is the last four or five numbers after the dash in any Coach serial number made 1994 or later. Actually, that is incorrect, thank you very much BeenBurned from The Purse Forum for the following:

Prior to 1994, style numbers were assigned to bags but they weren't used as part of the serial number on creeds until 1994, but instead, random serial numbers were used. 

I am going to go from newest to oldest, and showing as much information as I can. I am then going to ask some experts from the Purse Forums to correct any mistakes I might have made. Hopefully this guide will be helpful and useful.

This bag is from summer 2011, and was actually made in February 2011. It says "Handcrafted in China", which is where most Coach bags are made today. The serial number can be decoded on any Coach bag made from 1994 on. The first letter is the month, in order from A for January, all the way through M for December, skipping I for clarity because I was too easy to mistake for 1. The second number is the year the bag was made, 4 for 1994, 3 for 2003, and 04 for 2004, with double numbers being used for every year after 2004. The third or fourth number in the creed is the factory designation number. I don't think Coach has ever released a list of these numbers and what they stand for to the public. 

This bag is from fall 2011, and also was made in February 2011, and it also states "Handcrafted in China".

This bag is from the outlet store, and also says "Handcrafted in China", it is from fall 2010. It was actually made in March, 2010. This bag also states "Handcrafted in China".

This bag was made in October of 2003. It was handcrafted in the United States. 

This bag was made in October of 2000. It was made in the United States, in one of several factories operating at the time. 

This bag was made in February of 1998. It was also made in the United States.

This bag was made in March of 1997. Also made in the United States.

This bag was made in June of 1996. It was made in a factory in Turkey. 

This bag was made in the United States, but it was made prior to the implementation of the orderly and meaningful creed serial number system that was created by Coach in 1994. Notice that it says "Made in the United States", but it says it under the creed instead of up in the middle of the creed like all the others. There is a number under the creed, but the number is individual for each bag made by Coach during this time, and cannot be deciphered. This bag was created in a factory in the United States, after Coach had expanded outside of New York City to meet a growing demand for the bags that simply could not be accommodated by the factory in New York. 
Notice that underneath the word Coach, it says "LEATHERWARE" in tiny block letters. The tag from this bag will also say "LEATHERWARE" underneath. This bag dates anytime prior to 1994, and after the implementation of the creed stamp in the 1970's.

These bags are referred to as "New York City" bags, they were made in the original Coach factory in New York City. That factory operated from the late 1960s through the mid 1980's. Notice the "LEATHERWARE" in tiny block letters underneath the word Coach at the top of the creed.

This bag with the leather stamp inside but no creed is actually the same style of bag as the black bag above from New York City. This bag was made prior to the time when Coach adopted a creed, and prior to the time when they had serial numbers inside the bags, yet after the Coach metal tag from below, placing it late 1960's, early 1970's. 

This bag with the metal tag is from the 1960's, it was made before Coach had a creed, and is considered to be one of the earliest bags made by the Coach company. 

Style numbers and names:

4068 Lunch Tote
4107 Soho Basket Bag
4108 flap bucket bag (not sure if that is correct name)
4115 Whitney Bag
4133 Waverley Bag
4134 Back Sack
4140 Lafayette Bag
4143 Worth Bag
4150 Fletcher Bag
4151 Thompson Drawstring
4152 Bantam Bag
4153 Bleeker Bag
4155 Soho Zip Tote
4156 Belted Pouch
4157 Buckle Bag
4158 Handle Bag
4162 Soho Cornelia Sling Backpack
4180 Lexington Drawstring
4404 Madison Chapin
4409 Madison Arcadia Tote
4906 - two very different bags with this number... one a pebbled bucket, one a glove leather wristlet
4913 Sonoma Pouch
4921 Sonoma Satchel
5130 Station Bag
5290 Baxter Bag
6094 Demi Pouch
6707 Bri Satchel
6712 Slim Shoulder Bag
7736 Canvas Demi
7784 Demi Buckle Flap
9014 Berkeley Legacy - Bonnie Cashin era bag traditionally, but found creed number on e-bay indicating manufacture date of 1996
9017 Abbie Demi
9019 Maggie Bucket or Duffle
9023 Winnie Flap Messenger - Mini Willis
9027 Ergo Mini Satchel Hobo
9032 Laurie Flap
9038 Shelburne Flap
9043 Geometric Bag - original price $174
9045 Geometric Roll Bag
9046 Flap bag with round clasp
9047 Legacy 
9059 Legacy Zip Top Hobo
9061 Rambler's Legacy
9062 Mambo Hobo
9073 Andrea Slim Tote
9076 Legacy Flap - Companion Bag
9098 Tribeca
9107 Sutton
9136 Legacy Pocket Hobo
9142 Hipster Flap
9164 Legacy Shoulder Bag
9211 Mini Hobo
9214 Small Hobo
9303 Bleeker Satchel
9305 Bleeker Tote
9311 Bleeker Demi
9430 Slim Satchel Large
9434 Buckle Bag - not correct name... 
9455 Basic Bag
9525 Stewardess Bag
9635 Convertible Clutch
9712 Penelope Demi Turnlock
9735 Large Rambler Bag
9755 Pocket Purse
9765 Madison Satchel
9790 City Bag
9826 Mini Belt Bag
9844 Mini Demi Hobo
9853 Binocular Bag
9870 Court Bag
9892 Chrystie Bag
9893 Scooter Bag
9919 Quincy Flap
9924 Casino Bag
9925 Carnival Bag
9927 Willis Bag
9929 Small Satchel
9930 Murphy Bag - looks like Willis but no handle - original price $198.00
9942 Carousel Clutch
9943 Classic Backpack
9950 Janice's Legacy
9951 Patricia's Legacy
9952 Lula's Legacy
9953 Helen's Legacy
9954 Prairie Bag
9960 Daypack
9965 Legacy Trail Saddle Bag
9966 Legacy Zip
9973 Kit Bag
9974 Multi Zip
9976 Anderson Zip
9977 Manor Bag
9978 Small Side Pack
9980 Taft Bag
9981 Watson Bag
9983 Regina Bag
9984 Bixbi Sling
9988 Crescent - usually considered a Bonnie Cashin era bag, but I found some on E-Bay with creed           numbers indicating manufacture dates after 1994, three so far, so it is not an isolated thing
9991 Lunch Box Zip
9993 Mini Shopper
9994 Drawstring Backpack
9995 Zip Top Shopper
9997 Legacy Hobo

16533 Penelope original price $248
17994 Classic Leather Shoulder Purse
17995 Madison Satchel
17998 Leather Duffle
18000 Field Bag


  1. Sweet. This is so informative! Thank you.

  2. I have a Coach purse from 1997, style number 4396. I have scoured the internet trying to find info on the name of the bag and series, etc. Any suggestions? I keep seeing these links to Coach serial number databases and none of them seem to work.

    1. Coach 4396, Small Brown Nubuc Suede Hobo/Shoulder Handbag

    2. i have a vintage coach soho zip tote and the h in the serial number is a bit lower than the other numbers. why is this

  3. BTW, I do know it's authentic because my Dad works for Customs and brings down huge counterfeit rings. He gave it the thumbs up. I have a pic if it helps...

  4. I was shocked to see how much activity this blog has had over the past year, lol! I have been super busy and my now ex husband got mad at me for spending so much time on this hobby... Well, I am back, and I can work on this again...
    If you google Coach 4396, there is some information on that bag... a worthpoint entry. You can also go here:

    and post photos and ask for information and authentication of the bag. They are very knowledgable there and can tell you much more than I can! I hope you love your bag! Good luck finding the information you are seeking!!

    1. I want to tell you, this information that you researched and shared has made me money. I want to thank you for teaching us how to identify and recognize authentic bags. As we become more educated, we reduce the possibility of purchasing counterfeit items. Thank you!

    2. Melissa.... Is that why the original post was under Melissa Barnes and now you post as Melissa Dunlap? I would think you a better off without him because any good man that is supportive of his woman would recognize that you are pretty much and expert in this field and he should have recognized the time, energy, and knowledge that you have for this industry and respected and encouraged your expertise. Thank you for this informative blog that is very helpful. I buy a ton of coach products from outlets, websites, and estate sales and it seems like every blog contradicts the previous except your very thorough presentation here. Thank you, Blake the Great.

  5. Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for the very informative site. I have a question: do you know if Coach ever made the Court model in green? I've seen a number of them available in ebay but they all seem fake to me (wrong hardware, no buckle in the long strap, ...)

  6. NO 0509 337 is this an 80's number or fake. The tag also reads Made in the United States. It is a black cowhide leather with a flap with a twist/turn lock front. Back pocket gold tone hardware. I can't find anything with these numbers except for a little info about the 80s era. Thanks for the help.

  7. I found a bag with # 876-8729 Any ideas on this one? It has the creed and made in new york city usa with the number stamped underneath creed. . I appreciate any info you can help me with.

    1. it's impossible to truth authenticate a bag without seeing photos of the creed/bag, but those #'s generally indicate a bag made before 1994. This was before Coach started putting their bags' assigned Style #'s directly into the creed itself.

  8. I have a straw coach purse with a white leather flower on the right upper side. The word coach is embroideryed under the flower.. The # is N2MO868-F18878

    1. If you go to the google search and type in - Coach F18878 ( because the last set of numbers is the style), it will pop up what the style of bag that number goes with. I did that and it appears that number belonged to a diaper bag. Please check this for yourself. Go to ebay and put in Coach F18878 and see what pops up.

    2. are you sure the #s after the letter F aren't 13373? it should be from 2008.

  9. Is there any information you can give me on the year it was made. It also says made in China

  10. I have a Coach bag that I know nothing about. It looks like a large duffle and the serial no. is 825-2839. Can anyone give me any information on this beautiful burgundy bag? Made in New York, USA. Thanks for your attention.

  11. I came across a Coach style number 9704, I had it authenticated so i know its real, but I can't find ANYTHING on this bag, not the line and nothing so far online. Its made from water buffalo leather and its brownish red. Any ideas??

    1. like this?

    2. I also found this bag!!! Is it real? Can't find anything on it... Help!

    3. Can anyone authenticate disk read number 0968-307 at the bottom of the Creed its States made in the United States the bag is a small round looks like crossbody looks authentic vintage and authentic please let me know

  12. Ever since I saw fabulous collection of cheap Coach purses, I have gone mad about these bags. Now I am waiting for discount offers on these bags.

  13. I have become the proud new owner of a vintage leather coach briefcase/attache. The leather is GOREOUS! ...but it's so 'vintage' I can't find any info. Any thoughts? No. 044-2015

  14. I have a Coach small shoulder bag with the small c signature. The serial # is U0J-7785 and the outside corner it says Leatherware EST 1941
    Can you tell me the origin and what year it was made in? Is it vintage??

    1. I also have a bag like this , I have had it take off ebay twice now for "copyright enfringment" Im trying to find out why ,, ... I do not see one thing that deems it fake . I love this little bag ! Im not sure why it is being taken down . the no is C04S -7785 I have the same tag on the corner outside on the bottom of the bag...

  15. Hey Melissa we've met on the purse forum in the past! your creed list was a great idea and I am glad you are back. And, Just a note to those asking questions about creed #s from vintage bags. The # is no help without a photo. Since each bag has its own unique # until 1994, meaning there's not another set of #s on the internet just like it at all! Please take your questions to the authenticate thread. There's also a great vintage Coach discussion group page on facebook called "Vintage Coach Leatherware-Rehabs, Rescues and Rarities", of which I am an admin and we can sometimes help you out with your questions. If not, we have someone we refer you to on the Purse Forum who is a higher authority and who has many great and knowledgeable helpers there.

    1. didn't mean to hi jack your thread!!! I just had checked in periodically hoping to hear from you again, and saw you had come back !

  16. I recently inherited a coach leather purse No. 795-5804 is this a genuine coach? It was my aunt's.

  17. I purchased a Coach No.00138 from a thrift shop and was wondering is it authentic?

  18. Hello. I found a vintage Coach in my mother-in-law's closet. It's small rectangular shaped, rust colored suede and has no creed or markings on the inside. Only a hang tag that says Coach Leatherware. I'd like to know it's age or value. Can I email you a picture? Thanks!

  19. Thank you Melissa. This was very helpful. :D

  20. Hello and thank you for your info.
    Was there a messenger tan bag 000-9150

  21. I have an older coach looks like a late 80s to 1994 type. It was my grandmother's. I dont have any information on it other than the number says 002-0103 any help would be awesome.

  22. Hi, I just bought a coach bag from 2000 according to the numbers, how do I find out what the bag looked like? If the coach creed was stamped on then it seems it's authentic for that year, right?

  23. I have a Coach bag that I purchased in the late 80s or early 90s. The serial # stamped on it is 1590-336. I cannot find any info on it and would like to sell. Any idea? Thanks.

  24. Can anyone tell me if this Number is a fake? No. 504-3953 guess 80's or 90's maybe. Read the 502 and 503 were fakes but said nothing about 504's?

  25. What about No L5E-4082
    No. C1R-6097

  26. This site has been very helpful to me. I would like to help you back...the 9020 is called the Mini Zip Bag and 9027 is the Flap Bag

  27. Could you please tell me if 0230-217 is authentic? It's made in the United States, seems like '60's-80's, it has the Leatherware under COACH. Thank you, if you know the name of the bag as well as if it's authentic, I would appreciate it.

  28. I've got my eye on a vintage bag with the last 4 numbers 9989. The first 3 digits are F6B, I think. I can't find any info on this bag anywhere. Any ideas? The auction ends tomorrow.

  29. Very interesting! This work is really satisfactory for us. Thanks Bidinis

  30. Hi! I found a leather bag at the thrift.. H0873-12250.. Can you please tell me when it was made? I believe it's called Ergo Bonnie.. Thank you!!

  31. i am looking at a coach bag, ID no: K4J 9942. can you provide me with any additional info as to: style, designer, authenticity, and/or other pertinent information?thanks, in advance,


  32. Hello, I have vintage Coach New York City messenger style bag, No. 768-3938, but didn't see the number in your list above. I read in your article that early bags didn't include the style number on the creed, and that each bag most likely had a different number in the early years. I was wondering if you know anything else about this particular bag, like a style name.
    Any additional info would be most helpful.
    Thank you!

  33. My purse has NO 1088 stamped under the creed. Authentic? Also, do the words of the creed vary due to where it's made?

  34. 16C-4155 black leather vintage bag real?

  35. 0720-125
    Cream/beige cross body all leather
    Real/ fake price

  36. I've got a tan/brownish Demi Pouch #231-6348 and I need to find info(value and authenticity) about it. Where should I go to sell it?

  37. I see a bag with style number 9054. I don't see it on this list, is there a real coach bag?

  38. I am seeking info on a large tan shoulder bag number 479 9221. It says Leatherware under the COACH. Vintage?

  39. I'm also looking for info on a large navy hobo or bucket bag numbered D3S 9085 and a red, double strap bucket bag B8C 9090. That one is also stamped FS on it. Any info appreciated. Thank you.

  40. I am seeking info on a large tan shoulder bag number 479 9221. It says Leatherware under the COACH. Vintage?

  41. seeking information on a briefcase no. 656-5821. thank you.

  42. Can anyone tell me a bit more about a vintage bag with the following number?

  43. I have a black leather bag that looks like a stewardess bag but the creed is 278 9337? It says Leatherware onder the COACH and made in the USA.

  44. Wow! these are wonderful tips. Thanks for sharing them with us. Please visit

  45. I have a vintage Coach No. 006-6123 Could not find anything on it on google. A little help would be truly appreciated.

  46. Is the 9021 called a Weston Shopper and manufactured in the late 90s. Would they have had brass or gold tone hardware. Do you know what colors they came in. Was there a burgundy and also a dark brown. Thank you.

  47. I have a red bag that has a number that I cannot find on your list nor can I find it on a list of fakes. I guess if I can't find it anywhere, it must be a fake??? D33-9566

  48. hello i have a oxblood dr bag no 0188-006 could you help me identify
    this bags age and authenticity? thank you lisa

  49. Hello, I have enjoyed reading the posts here and you are very helpful with your answers so I have a question about, of course, a Coach bag.
    I bought a beautiful leather bag with the No. D7B-4929 stamped into the bottom of the Creed. The leather is very soft and supple, light carmel color with a shoulder strap. It has a flap that covers the main pouch and closes with a magnetic button type closure. It seems authentic from everything I have read but I have been unable to find an example by searching with the ID number. Can you help?
    Thanks much,

  50. Hello, I have enjoyed reading the posts here and you are very helpful with your answers so I have a question about, of course, a Coach bag.
    I bought a beautiful leather bag with the No. D7B-4929 stamped into the bottom of the Creed. The leather is very soft and supple, light carmel color with a shoulder strap. It has a flap that covers the main pouch and closes with a magnetic button type closure. It seems authentic from everything I have read but I have been unable to find an example by searching with the ID number. Can you help?
    Thanks much,

  51. I have a bag/briefcase J7B 9096 can't find it anywhere on line. Any help to identify it would be appreciated.

  52. I have a bag with the number 1919 can anyone help. I am new to coach. Thanks

  53. I have a bag with the number 1919 can anyone help. I am new to coach. Thanks

  54. I have a bag with the number 1919 can anyone help. I am new to coach. Thanks

  55. what about the Coach 1511 vintage bag? any info please?

  56. I just acquired a Coach purse but its not listed here. Please tell me more about it. No. A9C-9077. Its a tan leather purse, plain exterior with no Coach markings. You wouldn't know it was Coach until you opened it up and saw the creedo. Any help is welcome. Thanks!

  57. Hello. I was hoping if anyone could tell me the Willis bag was ever made in china? Thank you in advance

  58. Looks like there are questions dating back a few months that have not been answered so wondering if anyone is still running this site. If anyone that is reading this, is very knowledgeable in Coach products, please reply to my post above. I really need to know the info on it and I've searched everywhere. Thank you in advance.

  59. I found a great bag with no. A3P-9828 with a bulls-eye at the top right. I read that the bulls-eye means that it was a full-priced bag sold at an outlet (not sure why). I see that it was made in January, can you help me with the rest?

  60. I have a coach purse, and I want to know if it is real. The serial number is No A05U-11496

  61. 9421 Bonnie's Legacy small zip I can only verify year of 2000 based on research so far. Seems bag was made in Costa Rica "P"

  62. I have a brown all leather shoulder bag / cross body Coach bag that I am trying to find out what year was it made and the style. Could someone please help me with this? The no on the inside is NO M7C-9802 and says it says it was made in the US of glove tanned cowhide. It is stamped into the leather. Thank You,
    Linda Musgrove

  63. No. 983-4302 made in NYC broen leather porfolio. I contacted Coach who has nothing on record. The did tell me thst I could bring this to a Coach Store and they would clean it to keep it in good condition. Any clue on the No. Thank you!