Thursday, April 5, 2012

British Tan Coach Court Bag

Before pics...

I notice the tag on this bag is different from most and says Coach Leatherware on it instead of just Coach, this bag is super well made too, I have done enough rehabbing to appreciate several differences, the strap is still immaculate, no splitting and no messed up edges that need touching up. The brass still has the coating on some of it, most vintage bags have no coating left on the brass. This tag isn't split like most of the later plain Coach ones, it is also come to think of it, one sided and solid leather! It can't split, lol!! I had two other Cort bags from the mid 1990's, and neither of them were built like this one! This bag is a real treasure!!

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  1. Do you just wash them in mild soapy water, then hand rub them with oil after they dry?