Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coach Devon bag, made in the United States

This bag was not even going on the blog because I hated it on site. It was faded, ugly, floppy, had some seriously worn out areas and was full of pen marks. I dutifully bathed her anyway, and used acrylic paint to cover some of her worn areas (rubbed into the worn areas of the bag while the bag was still wet, a new technique for me), and realized last night that I just love the shape. She is unusual because the sides are sewn so that the leather from the side pokes towards the front to achieve a barrel shape. With the floppiness of age the leather no longer was holding that shape and the pieces of leather from the side had made worn spots on the front of the bag where they were poking forward. After the bath when the leather stiffened it made the bag a beautiful shape that I really really like!! And I tried everything to get a photo of the creed, but it was not cooperating with me!! This is a Coach Leatherware bag with the Made in the United States underneath the creed.


  1. Isn't it gorgeous! I just found a black Devon on eBay and gave it a bath and conditioning. I've fallen head-over-heels in love with this adorable bag. Petite elegance, pure vintage Coach! A very under-rated style in my opinion.

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  3. I have this exact bag in original EXCELLENT condition!!! I absolutely LOVE it! Do you by any chance know the year and value of this amazing little bag?