Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ink stains

Ink is really tough to remove from leather, and in most cases it simply can't be completely removed at all, and even partial removal will remove the dye from the bag with it. I got three bags today that all had ink damage. I used alcohol in a spray bottle to pre-treat the ink. I then soaked the bag in water, and used a metal cuticle pusher to lightly scrape the surface of the leather to allow the ink to release into the water. The alcohol eventually became ineffective, so I then used bar soap( I used a bar from a hotel, nothing special) and rubbed it into the stain to release more ink. I kept up this process alternating alcohol, scraping, bar soap, and more scraping until no more ink would come out of the leather. This process did not completely remove the ink, but it lightened it substantially. My hope is that once dry, the stain will be a minor flaw on the corner of the bag, and not the most prevalent element on it as it was when I got the bag. And just FYI, this was a four hour process... the pictures illustrate what I did, but I did it over and over and over again...

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  1. did you try hair spray? we used to use hair spray (cheap what ever you have) to get ink out of stuff, makes the ink run.