Monday, April 9, 2012

New projects

Today I am working on a Coach mini briefcase made in New York City and a Tignanello Polished Pockets Hobo bag. I normally only do Coach, but this bag was a really good price and only needed some ink removed from the lining. Unfortunately I wet the side of the bag while I was working on the lining, and the leather turned dark where it got wet. Having worked on another bag that did that, I realized it probably wouldn't dry evenly unless I dunked it, so it got dunked. Well, there is cardboard in the bottom of the bag, so now I am really hoping it hardens back up as it dries, otherwise I might have ruined a beautiful bag!!!

Actually, now that the bag is dry, it was not cardboard, and this bag took a dunking beautifully!

The Coach briefcase is drying, I am just a bit nervous about the cardboard handles, seems like I get groups of bags with the same issues sometimes!! What I love about this bag is the Talon zipper though. It truly is like butter even after so many years!!

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