Friday, March 30, 2012

Hampton Demi-Hobo

This is a brick red Hampton Demi Hobo model number 7785 made in China, serial number J1S-7785. It was purchased online. This was a challenging rehab project. It looked fine in the photos but when it came in it had dark watermarks all over the outside. I thought perhaps it wasn't salvageable. It is lined, and this was the first lined bag I had ever tried to work on. I gave it a bath and filled it with towels. It dried unevenly the first time, and any attempt at moisturizing made the dark splotches worse! I wanted to give up, but decided to bathe it again. The second time it dried evenly, and then it finally responded to the moisturizer. This is a bag I would not carry if it was raining outside because I think any water would immediately discolor the leather. I had to cover one spot with red acrylic paint because as most of the spots were dark, this one was indented and white. It covered up fairly well, and the bag is one I can carry now, so I am happy with the overall result.

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