Friday, March 30, 2012

Coach Tribeca Hobo Navy Blue

With this bag I broke my rule and paid a little more. I paid $35.50 for it here. This is a classic Tribeca Hobo in Navy Blue, one very beautiful bag when in good condition. Mine was not in good condition at all.

This bag was made in the United States, and has a serial number B8C-9098.

It came in smelling of mildew and so stinky I thought I might never get it to stop being offensive to be around. It also has a handle that has been chewed on by a creature, I am guessing a rodent of some kind. It was so bad that it put me off rehabbing for a little while. This will be a gorgeous bag someday, when I am done with it, but for now, it is half-done. It doesn't smell anymore! I had to wash it three times and soak it really well to finally get the smell to go away. The leather drank in the conditioner, I think I used most of a tube of Glove CPR on it, then finally resorted to olive oil to get it to finally start getting more leather-like again. Olive oil is controversial in leather repair, it can go rancid in heat and destroy leather if you aren't careful with it. I used it because frankly this bag was going in the trash if it didn't start showing improvement soon, and olive oil was what I had on hand at the moment. This will be getting the Black Rocks treatment this coming week, I can't wait!

After looking at the photos, I took a couple more because you cannot see how odd the Navy blue color is in these pictures, and you can't see the darker splotches in places, it really makes the bag look good when in person it doesn't look that good.

Anyway, here are some photos:

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