Thursday, June 20, 2013

Burberry Supernova Check

One of the bags on my list of dream bags is Burberry. At the regular prices my dreams of owning one were pretty far off still. However, there is a store where I live that gets them in fairly regularly and marks them way down (and yes, they are definitely genuine). I went there yesterday and found a Burberry Supernova Check Canterbury with the tags still attached for $174... The bag had ink all over one side! I wanted to cry! I went to the manager and asked if they could lower the price based on condition (I figured if I can work miracles with Coach, why not Burberry?). The manager gave me the bag for half off the marked priced, about $85 (they never do that, I got really lucky!!)!!! Yay! Now I have my dream bag, for a price I can afford, now to figure out how to fix it! I figure since I got it for such a low price I can afford to experiment and take some risks that most Burberry owners probably wouldn't be willing to take. This bag is covered in both black ink, and some kind of purple black magic marker (see the next post for a photo of what that looked like). The bag was purchased at a Last Chance store, for a retailer I am sure you all shop regularly. The stains on the bag had been there for an indeterminate length of time, and I had no way of identifying what had created those stains or what the substance was. All I knew was that they didn't look removable, and the manager obviously thought so as well. Here are the before photos:

The front of the bag where the worst stains are, but three sides of the bag had similar stains, so my job was harder than I thought it would be when in the store.

Such a cute bag if only it wasn't stained half to death!!!

The cube shaped stain that I refer to in the after photos on the next post.


  1. You are amazing… thanks to you my Burberry Canterbury tote is back to its original condition. It was a recent birthday present which was not even a week old and dye transferred from a sweater I used. I searched high and low went to the Burberry store to try to exchange it did not work. Went on purse forum and a member suggested your site; I am so grateful for clicking the link as it’s not even two hours and my bag looks new. I have another Burberry bag that has dye transfer on it and I will follow your steps again. Thank you.

  2. I am so glad you found the directions and that they helped you!!

  3. Thank you, Melissa!!!! You have the best ideas! I love your blog and collection of amazing purses. I will definitely be one of your followers. I have a stain on my Burberry (in the corners). I did not try your remedy, but I plan to soon. I will keep you posted!

  4. I have a Lacoste pvc bag. I cant remove the stains on the bag. Do u have any Idea how??

  5. I have a Lacoste pvc bag. I cant remove the stains on the bag. Do u have any Idea how??